Fundraising Challenge'15
Fundraising Challenge'15
Fundraising Challenge'15
Fundraising Challenge'15
Fundraising Challenge'15

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Give scholarships to less fortunate children

According to India’s World Bank, 8.1 million children were estimated to not be in attendance at school. With no qualifications or employable skills, they stand no chance of getting a…

49.00% funded 156 Supporters

Help capable underprivileged youths find employment

The unemployment rate in India is around 10%, while over 48 million 18 to 25-year-olds are willing to work but are unable to find jobs. The public education system is…

22.00% funded 440 Supporters

Join Venkat to sponsor Nakshatra: Inter-Orphanage Talent Festival

Hundreds of children live in shelter homes where sometimes even basic necessities are seen as a privilege. Having spent most of their time in such institutions, these children have low…

0.00% funded 0 Supporters

Support 10 change-makers for justice and development of those in need

There are a number of young individuals in India today, who have chosen to live among poor and exploited communities in the remotest areas, and initiate far-reaching activities for their…

1.00% funded 7 Supporters

Make a difference to the lives of orphan children

Bal Asha Ghar, a project taken over by SAMPARC management from an organisation based in Mumbai, who were unable to run the program efficiently. SAMPARC takes care of the children…

1.00% funded 5 Supporters

Help creating a better future for slum kids; Donate!

After the ‘Right To Education Act’ was passed, the Government of India has made education free and compulsory for the age group 6 to 14. But this declaration was no…

1.00% funded 1 Supporters

ProjectKHEL - Taking education beyond the classroom

Adolescents lack crucial Life Skills which restricts them from reaching their full potential. Half the world menstruates, yet it is a taboo topic and young girls do not know how…

17.00% funded 110 Supporters

Fund healthcare for people in need

MAHAN is providing medical services to the tribal area of Melghat known for very high malnutrition, child mortality and maternal mortality. Most of the villages in Melghat are remote and…

1.00% funded 1 Supporters

Make a difference; help a girl receive an education & overcome poverty

According to an ILO report, the extent of bonded child labour estimates from various social activist groups range up to 350,000 in 2001. Kasuva Village, where the Sevalaya campus is…

18.00% funded 58 Supporters

Support a child's admission into formal school

In India, 53% of children under the age of 10 do not receive any formal education. Most of these children end up as child labourers. Children who do manage to…

1.00% funded 2 Supporters

Sponsor a child's preparatory classes for regular schooling

53% of children in India under the age of 10 do not receive any formal education. This is mostly because families can’t afford the educational expenses. Children who do manage…

0.00% funded 0 Supporters

Provide underprivileged children with nutrition, accommodation and education

The streets are a tough place to grow up in. Every year in Mumbai, thousands of children are left to fend for themselves as they live off the street. Poor…

1.00% funded 4 Supporters
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We are pleased to announce that Singaji Society has become the first NGO to cross the 200 donations mark in the #LetzChangeFundraisingChallenge2015. They are steadily moving towards the mega reward of Rs. 2,50,000.
Here are the top 3 leading NGOs of the challenge so far:

- Sant Singaji Educational Society (214 donors)
- VIDYAPOSHAK (163 donors)
- Unnati Bangalore (143 donors)

With a total of 29 NGOs that have started fundraising, we expect the numbers to change very soon. :)

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Appreciation rewards worth ₹ 2,50,000 & more for each participant NGO
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