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Sponsor the education of a child in need

Many disadvantaged parents recognise education as the promise of a better future for their children, but struggle to send them to good schools as they are too expensive. In fact,…

68.00% funded 720 Supporters

Holistic support for needy children suffering from Cancer

Childhood cancers have a high rate of cure but medical treatment needs to be supported by an infection free, cheerful environment and proper nourishment. Treatment may last as long as…

100.00% funded 32 Supporters

Provide opportunities to deserving underprivileged students

Disadvantaged students face many obstacles when trying to pursue an education. The expense to go to school combined with their parents expectations for their children to work and earn a…

16.00% funded 897 Supporters

Help creating a better future for slum kids

After the ‘Right To Education Act’ was passed, the Government of India has made education free and compulsory for the age group 6 to 14. But this declaration was no…

2.00% funded 23 Supporters

Cater the needs of the disabled through Apna Rozgaar Scheme

Disabled people form 10 per cent of the population in India. Over 90% of them are unskilled, unlettered and live in poor socio-economic conditions with no job opportunities either in…

100.00% funded 390 Supporters

Donating miles for smiles – Vivek’s campaign for the children of Bhumi

Most children in shelter homes, slum and village communities go to state funded schools where the quality of education they receive leaves much to be desired. Their learning is ineffective,…

31.00% funded 18 Supporters

Make a difference; help a girl receive an education & overcome poverty

According to an ILO report, the extent of bonded child labour estimates from various social activist groups range up to 350,000 in 2001. Kasuva Village, where the Sevalaya campus is…

32.00% funded 71 Supporters

Sponsor children at the national inter-orphanage talent festival - Nakshatra

Hundreds of children live in shelter homes where sometimes even basic necessities are seen as a privilege. Having spent most of their time in such institutions, these children have low…

81.00% funded 258 Supporters

Fund healthcare for people in need

MAHAN is providing medical services to the tribal area of Melghat known for very high malnutrition, child mortality and maternal mortality. Most of the villages in Melghat are remote and…

1.00% funded 7 Supporters

Help capable underprivileged youths find employment

The unemployment rate in India is around 10%, while over 48 million 18 to 25-year-olds are willing to work but are unable to find jobs. The public education system is…

23.00% funded 488 Supporters

Support 10 change-makers for justice and development of those in need

There are a number of young individuals in India today, who have chosen to live among poor and exploited communities in the remotest areas, and initiate far-reaching activities for their…

5.00% funded 164 Supporters

Protect vulnerable children of sex workers; Donate

Prostitution is illegal in India. However; hundreds of women and children are trafficked each year and are forced into prostitution. Snehalaya’s rehabilitation centre is working for the children of female…

2.00% funded 34 Supporters
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