LetzChange (a unit of Give Foundation) is an online fundraising platform working towards helping people contribute to committed Indian non-profits.

The Issue

Everyday millions of Indian people suffer in poverty or with a disability.

We all want to help make a change, but with over 3 million registered NGOs in the country, getting started can feel overwhelming: which NGOs should we support and how do we know we can trust them?

The Action

LetzChange has been created solely to enable you to support Indian NGO projects that alleviate suffering and provide long-term solutions.

We have hand-picked only the most reputable and trusted NGOs and have built a platform that makes supporting their work a simple, social and secure experience.

The Impact

LetzChange does not charge a fee for its service and all donations go directly to the NGO for maximum impact.

Together we are creating lasting change for some of India's most disadvantaged people.

LetzChange and GiveIndia Together!

Online giving is still in its infancy, but it’s growing fast. Working on complementary models, the LetzChange and GiveIndia merger shall ensure that the synergy serves both donors and non-profits to establish an effective and efficient giving culture. To know more about the LetzChange - GiveIndia merger, click here.

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