Let's Make Music Part of our Learning & Social Change in Delhi NCR


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About the Fundraiser

We would like to thank each and every individual who believed in us and contributed to spreading happiness through Music in government and low-income schools. We would love for you to visit our schools or office for an immersive musical experience


We are Manzil Mystics, a performing Music Band, Music Learning Institute and a Social initiative in Music for underprivileged sections of the society. We use music as a creative tool to contribute to the needs of the society. A part of NGO Manzil, an Education initiative for marginalized sections of society since 20 years, Manzil Mystics has been imparting Education in music since 2014. It is a Registered Trust under The Indian Trust Act

§ Vision:To foster Music education, impact education outcomes, and use Music as an active instrument of change in schools & communities

§ Impacting student lives: Impacted 4,000+ children through Music in FY19

§ Impacting music study: 30+ former low-income students now employed as music teachers in Delhi schools; numerous more informally teach

§ Team:A 23-member team comprising of percussionists, Guitarists, Pianists, Tabla players, and Western, Hindustani and Carnatic vocalists

Objectives : The objectives of the proposed programme in Music can be summarized as under : 

(a) Improve access to Music among children and the community at large

(b) Create an overall enabling environment that promotes learning of Music in schools and the community

(c) Holistic development of students through promotion of Music as an innate orientation in Indian culture, bringing out their creativity and confidence 

(d) To create community awareness towards Music & capacities among the stakeholders to enable scalability and sustainability of the programme

(e) To identify talent and enable music as a sustainable source of livelihood

Social Initiatives : The Social Initiatives by Manzil Mystics are summarized below :

(a) Learning Through Music : Learning Through Music (LTM) is the flagship programme of Manzil Mystics, which enables children to express their hopes, ideas, happiness, anger and frustrations through Music. It is conducted in government schools, low income schools or NGO centres in Delhi NCR. Students learn how to sing, write and compose a song. LTM workshops are structured in a way to induce team building, nurture creativity and build confidence

(b) Women Empowerment Programmes : We conduct Workshops in Schools/ Non-profit centres to educate & empower adolescent girls/women on Gender Equality, Health & Hygiene, Career orientation through music

(c) Community awareness Programmes : Community events & Awareness campaigns on social issues such as Environment, Save Water, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Sanitation, Cancer awareness by composing/producing songs, stage performances and community mobilization 

(d) Capacity Building Programme : We identify talented and aspiring musicians who undergo a Capacity building programme in Music and Skills beyond Music, to enable Music as Sustainable source of livelihood generation and to build a pool of Music facilitators for Social initiatives in Music

What is the challenge and what can YOU do? 

Manzil Mystics has built a team which is empowered to work with 100 schools this year. Our objective through this endeavour is to raise funds to support 10 identified schools in South Delhi for FY 2018-19, which have been part of Manzil Mystics since ..... We have been working with about 1000 students in these schools, and wish to continue impacting their lives through our Music programme. Music creates safe and happy spaces for these children and also helps in improving educational outcomes. 

We aim to raise Rs. 12,00,000 which will be used for the following purposes -

1) Admin cost: 4,27,200

Office & Administration Costs: 4,27,200 : 

i) Stationery: 6000

ii) Phone/internet: 12,000

iii) Pantery: 60,000

iv) Maintainance: 12,000

v) Office Rent: 2,40,000

vi) Electricity: 12,000

vii) Staff Welfare: 24,000

viii) Printing: 24,000

ix) Others: 36,000

3) Cost of Music Facilitators in 10 schools: 8,00,000

i) Cost per school: Rs 80,000

ii) No. of Schools: 10

iii) Total: 80,000*10 = 8,00,000

Total money need to run 10 schools = 4,27,200+8,00,000 = 12,27,200

Why should you contribute?

We believe that cultural arts, especially Music can have a big role to play in getting children interested to come to school, thus triggering other essential elements of change. This can happen as Music creates safe spaces, brings happiness, inculcates confidence and creativity, and ignites the true potential of a child. Further, the programme stimulates cognitive thinking, and promotes messages of inclusion and empowerment. After running this project in various schools and NGOs we have seen students becoming leaders, improving their grade rates and becoming more sensitized to life skills.

By contributing to our movement, you will be directly helping our 1000 students in Delhi NCR to reach their full potential and develop as good human beings and responsible citizens. We assure you that every single penny that you contribute will go into developing a strong, positive and a happy learning environment for our students. So contribute if you believe in us and do spread the word around.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about us, our classrooms and our musical moments



₹ 118,301

₹ 1,227,200
Days Left