Nonprofit Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LetzChange?

    LetzChange is an online giving website that helps you leverage your social network for the causes you believe in. We have partnered with non-profits working in diverse sectors and encourage generous donors to raise funds and invite their friends to do the same. Our primary objective is to make social giving to trusted NGO projects, a simple and credible experience.

  • Does LetzChange make any profit?

    LetzChange is a Section 25 not-for- profit organization working solely to assist NGOs in raising funds. All donations are transferred entirely to the partner non-profits, implying that we don’t charge any fee from the funds raised.

  • How will I get donations?

    You can raise funds by spreading the word about your project(s) on LetzChange among your donor network. While we provide all round assistance to our partners, please note that we don’t raise funds for any organization. We expect non-profits to encourage their donor base to use LetzChange for making donations.

  • Can I get donations via cheque or cash?

    Donations to NGOs listed on LetzChange can only be made online (through debit card, credit card, Net Banking and Wallets). We don’t accept donations in cash, cheque or kind.

  • What is the criteria to be a partner with LetzChange?

    You must possess the following to partner with LetzChange:
    • -- Registration Certificate
    • -- 12A Certificate
    • -- 80G Certificate
    • -- a video explaining the work undertaken by your organization
  • What documents do I need to submit for onboarding on LetzChange?

    All NGOs are required to share the following documents:
    • -- Registration certificate for your organisation
    • -- 12A Certificate issued to your organization
    • -- PAN card
    • -- Annual Report along with auditor’s report for the last year
    • -- Income Tax Return Acknowledgment for the previous year
    • -- Tax exemption certificate, if any, issued to your organisation (80G/35AC etc.)
    • -- International Grant/Fund receiving approval letter as per the law of the land by a Government/State agency (e.g. FCRA for Indian organizations)
  • What is the difference between annual report and audit report?

    An annual report is a comprehensive report on a company's activities throughout the preceding year. They highlight the financial performances and other activities of the organization, in order to make it available for the public.

    An audit report is a written opinion of an auditor regarding an entity's financial statements. It comprises of balance sheet and other accounts.

  • Are FCRA and 35AC Certificates necessary to be a part of LetzChange?

    No, these certificates are not necessary but organizations with FCRA and 35AC will be able to perform better in our campaigns and competitions.

  • How many projects can I post?

    Maximum of two projects that your organisation is working on, can be featured on our portal.

  • In how many days will we get on-boarded?

    Your profile will be made within 3 days after your documents and other details are verified and the corrections have been sorted. If your profile is not active within the said time, we request you to get in touch with us at the earliest.

  • When will I receive the funds raised on LetzChange?

    The donated amount for a particular month (eg: say August) shall be transferred to your organisation’s bank account by the 10 th of next month (by 10 th of September). Similarly, all your international donations will be transferred to by the 10 th of next month (by 10 th of September) in FCRA Account of your organization.
    A disbursement report will also be sent to you via e-mail which will comprise of all your donor details and the amount donated in that particular month.

  • Do we have to issue e-receipt to the donors?

    No, we issue the e-receipt to donors on your behalf as soon as we disburse the donations to your accounts. To ensure the confirmation of the donation, we send an ‘acknowledgement mail’ to the donor immediately after the transaction is successful.

  • Can LetzChange remove a project from my organization’s profile?

    LetzChange can remove or suspend projects from the profile of an organisation in the following events:
    • -- If the organization fails to raise Rs 25,000 per month and Rs 1,00,000 per year from the date of making your profile live
    • -- Financial information is not updated every year
    • -- If the non-profit fails to send reports to donors
    • -- In case of a fraudulent activity
  • Who can create campaigns on LetzChange ?

    Any individual can create a customised campaign for any NGO project he/she strongly feels connected with.

  • How do you assure trust and safety of donors making payment through debit/credit card or internet banking?

    We take security very seriously here at LetzChange—it’s ingrained into everything that we do. All of our platforms and APIs use TLS encryption with HSTS and Forward Secrecy for clients and browsers that support it.
    Our payment processing partners CCAvenue and Stripe have been certified to PCI DSS which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
    Your donor details are accessible only by your organization and no other, which implies that LetzChange does not cross-promote across different organizations.