Nonprofit Membership

LetzChange is a not for profit online giving platform, helping users to fundraise and donate to vetted and verified Indian NGO projects which are focused on promoting lasting change for disadvantaged people and communities in India. To achieve the mission of helping struggling and trusted NGOs, LetzChange not only provides them with fundraising support but also helps them with marketing and technical solutions. For all the services, LetzChange does not charge any fee and the entire donation goes directly to the NGO for maximum impact. With over Rs. 1.5 Crore raised and disbursed to over 35 NGOs in just 6 months, LetzChange envisages to help many grassroot organizations and create a lasting impact.

How does LetzChange work for you?

  • -- Your supporters discover your projects on LetzChange.
  • -- They make a donation.
  • -- LetzChange doesn’t deduct any amount from the donation, ensuring that the entire goes to the NGO.
  • -- We send the donations to your nominated bank account.
  • -- We provide you regular reporting about the world of LetzChange along with innovative features.

To register or find out more please read our FAQ page or contact us at